Wide Eyed


Digital, 2014
by Jay Bendt

Dear Daughter,

You carry the universe in the strength of your thighs
Its beauty in your heart
and the power to birth it in your womb.
You carry the history of Time inside your head.
Your feet were made of the strength of your ancestors;
Of their pains and their struggles,
Of their joys and their triumphs.
Your fingertips carry the miracle of the future you can weave.
Make it yours.
You are Time.
You are Strength.
You are all of creation and all its destruction;
everything that came before you, and everything that comes after you.
Should the world ever try to bring you down, remind it that you are bigger than it is.
Remind it that you are the universe.

deadtastebuds asked: I'm not asking you this because I am assuming you are one, but what do you do if you're a bad person?


Mm. I’m not sure there really are good or bad people.

I think there are people who do good or bad things. If you are one of the people who does bad things, then, don’t. Don’t do stuff that hurts other people or harms them or makes their life worse. Do good things instead. Volunteer. Be kind. Help. Look after yourself and look after other people — don’t try and beat them. Life’s not a battle you were put here to win: we’re all in this together, trying to help each other to muddle through as best we can. So help, if you can. And if you cannot help, then do no harm.

That’s what I’d do.

bravethebeast asked: My friend and I are embarking on a mission to read all of your books before we graduate from school in May. Any advice?


Use your libraries. It will be cheaper, it increases the chances of you actually doing it, and you may encounter some nice librarians on the way.